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EV Charger & Panel Box Installation in Manassas, VA

EV Chargers Installation

EV Charger Installation - Reliable Service By Professionals

As electric vehicles are pushing towards a cleaner and healthier future, every EV owner needs an EV charger. With Spark Wise Electric, you can install your home with a reliable electric charger. We use the latest chargers to ensure fast charging for your car. We can hook up your EV charger to the main grid or your solar panels. Our team also makes sure that your EV charger doesn’t put any strain on other appliances around the house. Moreover, our team installs every charger with the safety codes in check. Avail our EV charger installation services in Manassas, VA, now!

New Panel Box Installation - Keep Your Electrical Needs in Check

As your appliance and energy consumption grow around the house, you need to keep an eye on your electric panel box well. Without a proper electric panel, you are always at risk of short-circuiting your devices. With our high-capacity electric panels, you can fulfill your current electric needs and keep room for electrical expansion in the future. Along with that, the components we use for our electric panels come with a warranty period. In case something breaks down, you can get it replaced free of cost. Call our experts in Manassas, VA, to get new panel box installation services

Professional Electric Services

We fix things around your house so you don’t have to.

Residential Main Electric Panel Replacement - Leave Your Electric Worries To Us

The main electric panel of your home is responsible for keeping your electric requirements in check. However, as time goes on, the efficiency of your electrical panel can significantly drop. Our company provides residential main electric panel replacement options for all the residents of Manassas, VA. Our electric panels have 100% copper wiring to ensure low-resistance electric transmissions. Moreover, our fuses, hot bus bars, and bonding jumpers are designed to handle any minor or major power surges. This enables you to add new electrical appliances to your home without any worries. Talk to our electrical specialists today!

Residential Main Electric Panel Replacement

New Circuit Installation - Affordable Solutions For Your Home

New circuit installation is highly technical and expensive. You need a licensed professional to get things right. At our company, we offer highly skilled & licensed electricians at economical rates. Our servicemen work diligently to yield the best possible results for your home. Even though we offer highly competitive hourly rates, our service is always better than the market standards. Moreover, to further maintain the quality standard, we double-check every circuit installation to check out safety codes. We add proper insulation to your wires to keep them from overheating. Reach out to our specialists in Manassas, VA, now!

Recessed Lighting Installation Services - Elevate Your Living Experience

Recessed lighting is an efficient way to light up your home while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Our recessed lighting installation services range from fixed lights to moveable lights. We install our recessed lights in such a way that they cover every corner of your home. Our goal is to elevate your living experience with our elegant lighting solutions. Along with that, we provide a wide variety of lighting options as well. The list includes accent, task, ambient, and decorative. We operate for all residents of Manassas, VA.

Breaker Replacement Services - A Combination of Quality & Durability

Circuit breakers are necessary to keep your electrical system and appliances safe from any harm. From improper installation to overloading, there are many reasons for a break to break down. Our company provides reliable circuit breaker replacement services. We use top-shelf breakers to make sure they can handle the electrical load of your home. On top of that, our licensed technicians make sure that your breakers are installed properly. We ensure that our breakers can easily manage any minor or major change in the voltage. Use our contact information now to get your breakers replaced!

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Spark Wise Electric is a leading name in the residential & commercial electrical installation industry. With years of electrical experience at your helm, we specialize in managing your electrical needs with the utmost professionalism. From minor wiring to changing entire electrical panels, no job is too small or too big for us. Our technicians strictly follow safety codes to maintain the integrity of your electrical systems and personal safety. On top of that, with our dedication to staying ahead of the curve, we always stay updated with the ever-evolving electrical industry. We offer EV charger installation & other services in Manassas, VA. Hire us!